Slow this bird down

Avoid fast-paced YouTube content.
Save your attention span, mental health and ability to enjoy life.

Kaini automatically detects and blocks YouTube videos containing successive rapid scene changes.

Fast-paced childhood

Earliest experiences matters. Mayor human brain development happens in first 5 years of life. This is when the brain is being “formatted” for the rest of the life. Overstimulating developing brain, or stimulating brain in a wrong way in this early age can can have a great negative impact in later life.

Prolonged exposure to rapid scene change during critical period of brain development precondition mind to expect high levels of stimulation (Dimitri Christakis on TEDxRainer). This may lead to various problems in later life, such as attention disorder, behavior disorder, hyperactivity etc.

Dimitri Christakis is a pediatrician, parent, and researcher whose influential findings are helping identify optimal media exposure for children.

In the past, content for children was created by experts. Today, on the internet, anyone can create it. Often, it lacks educational value and is driven solely by a desire for commercial success measured with clicks, likes and views. The way it is served can be absurd and aggressive, with only purpose to keep the children attention at any cost.

What you can do

Kaini detects and blocks fast-paced YouTube videos, and protects you and your children from this type of content.

Kaini focuses on three main areas of support: awareness, overview, and control of fast-paced YouTube content.

  • Alerts will notify you if the scenes in the current YouTube video are changing too quickly.
  • Browser toolbar icon displays live-updated average scene length while the video plays.
  • Visual graph displays the history of scene changes frequency.
  • Kaini automatically blocks potentially harmful videos.